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As a well established family business in the Hunting, Sporting and Security Industry, we are constantly striving to provide new products at the hightest quality and the best possible price to satisfy the demands.

Our range provides the sporting shooters  with MAGTECH AMMUNITION  as well as  AIR RIFLES,  NOBLE SPORT J & G CARTRIDGES,   CAESAR GUERINI SHOTGUNS,   SABATTI RIFLES,  SHOOTERS ARMS MANUFACTURING (SAM) 1911 pistols,  KHAN SHOTGUNS,  ISSC RIFLES, STARLINE USA Brass,  MEC-GAR MAGAZINES,  ELITE TACTICAL MAGAZINES AND LOADERS GHOST HOLSTERS together with our own range of pistol holsters, exotic timber pistol grips, security pouches, expandable batons, metal detectors, our designs have been widely accepted by the Australian Police Force, together with Corrective Services and Security Industry....

To compliment the above we have the following accessories, shotgun shooting vests,   rifle bags,  aluminum cases, rifle bi-pods,   rifle slings, scopes,  bench bags,  shooting glasses,  ammunition belts,  rifle,  shotgun and pistol cleaning kits and brushes....and many others including ANCHOR Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol Safes in various sizes and thickness of either 3 mm or 6 mm to cater for A, B, C and H Category which have been approved by the Police Department.

Stockists exist in each mainland state and making contact with us will direct you to the nearest outlet.

All our products have exclusive guarantee 


KleenBore Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush for Rifle - .22 Caliber



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