Qld. License Training. No.7400000504                                                                 Date:   1/8/2001

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 1 Baton 540 in length, 3 sections collapsible


 Usual target 100mill steel pipe wrapped round heavy beach towel, one (1) length of core bond card and
  two typewriter-felt pads.


1.          Three (3) day testing,

2.          Freezing,

3.          Overhead strikes (in blocking method, baton held above head left and right hands,

4.          Temperature very hot around 30 degrees,

5.          Strikes delivered, right hand, four hand downward strikes,

6.          60th strike, top section had a slight bend (still closed normally),

7.          80th strike, more hits, still bent, still closed,

8.          100th strike, still bent, still closed,

9.          104th strike, tip came off, still closed,

10.        120th strike tip came undone, (noted head threads now stripped, still closes),

11.        150th strike, bend more pronounced, still closed, now with difficulty,

12.        175th strike, by using baton on opposite bend, it seem to straighten out slightly, and now closes,

13.        Ceased as causing sore wrists,

14.        2nd day 180th strike, gave up testing, torn gloves, sore hands, etc, target fell apart,

15.        3rd day 220th strike, by class students, baton top became difficult to close, it was noted, the 2nd 

            section had  slight movement in it.


 K. T Chadburn Instructor

 4 students to participate


 Very good baton.




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